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Stay home and enjoy the peace and quiet.  Escape to the quiet surroundings of your own home, instead of only on weekend getaways and vacations.   Noise causes restless sleep, higher stress levels, and can easily lead to hearing loss and other long-term health risks.  More and more is being discovered about the harmful effects of even moderate noise levels in your home and work environment.

Enjoy the peace and quiet of your home once again.  Have you experienced any of the following because of outside noise such as traffic, trains, airplanes, children playing, or dogs barking, making its way into your house: restless sleep, anxiety, higher stress levels, woken up abruptly by the sound of the garbage truck?  If so, you no longer need to be subjected to the harmful effects this noise can have on you and your family.  Our Whisper Series will diminish this unwanted noise while still providing you with energy efficient windows and the superior quality you have come to expect from Vinyl-Lite.   While the Whisper Series windows will not eliminate all noise, we can guarantee it will be greatly reduced and you will see a significant difference providing you more comfort in your home.

How does sound control work?
Simply put the two most important elements that reduce sound penetration are Glass and Air.  When you alter the thickness of the glass and increase the amount of air in between each glass panes, it effectively controls noise transfer.  Sound control windows are referred by their Sound Transmission Class (STC) rating.  This is a single-number rating approximating the decibels of sound that will be blocked, in this case by a window.  The rating will vary depending on the glazing options used in a window; the higher the rating the more sound that will be blocked.

In simple terms, how much noise is stopped by different types of windows?
Double-paned windows will reduce noise levels up to 20% (compared to single pane).  Sometimes there is no improvement. If you pay the for higher 33 STC windows it can be as high as a 25% noise reduction.

Ok, what is this STC stuff?
STC stands for Sound Transmission Class.  Basically it is an established way to average how much sound is stopped by something.  It is used for windows, doors, walls, and most building materials.  For windows it ranges from 18 to 37.

What STC ratings do my windows have?
If you have single-paned windows, it is most likely between 15 to 20.  The average is 18.  The difference is the glass thickness and how airtight your window is.
Double-paned windows usually vary from 26 to 30.  Most have good air seals, but the variation is due to the glass thickness and the amount of air space between the glass.  The bigger air space and thicker glass is preferred.
Our whisper series is has the highest number, and therefore blocks the most sound transmission.  This series averages between 33 to 41.  The variation is due to glass component design. 

There is not much difference in these numbers?  Why?
It uses a special scale like the earthquake Richter Scale.  So, a 25 is much larger than just one unit or number bigger than a 24.

Do Sound Reducing Windows always solve noise problems?
Most of the time- yes. Deciding if it is "enough" reduction is subjective to each individual and their own hearing sensitivity;  however the windows are the major culprit for noise problems.  After replacing your windows, you may want to reduce the noise levels even more, but most of the time this is all this is needed.  

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