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3 Ways to Rekindle the Romance You Have for Your Home


It is still February, and while the others are done showing off their mushy side to their loved ones, a few others are still halfway toward getting in the zone of that feeling that everyone is buzzing about. Romance. Besides, there are different kinds of it and you still have all the remaining days of the love month to figure them out.

When it comes to the romance you have for your own home, however, how is it? You may have been experiencing a roller coaster ride of emotions about it. Sometimes you complain big time about being stuck in it for years. At other times, you become apathetic toward it as you get yourself too busy with your career. Don’t you think it’s the perfect time to rekindle that romance with your house – the one that you felt when you officially changed address for it. What do you need to do?

Say yes to invitations

As much as possible spend time with your friends’ house when specific occasions call for it. Do not refuse travel trip, house parties and house warming event invitations. Say yes to every opportunity that lets you escape for a few days or two away from your house. Experience how it feels like to live in another nest. Chances are you’ll see more of what’s out there and you’ll come home carrying bits and pieces of creative ideas that you can try on your own home. If you won’t be impressed, on the other hand, you’ll be more than thankful of what you have and where you live.

Get out of your comfort zone

Perhaps all you need is variety. Expose yourself sometimes to environments that you do not usually get yourself into. Immerse in a different culture and interact with a sea of faces. Dare yourself to get to know what’s unfamiliar. Well, it doesn’t really have to be a trip abroad. You can just simply detach yourself from the routines you have gotten used to. Dine out alone. Try yoga. Eat exotic dishes. Then, you can truly appreciate what you call home. There’s no better formula than this.

Pay attention to little details

Before something gets worse, fix it. The idea is basic but a lot of people forget about how important this is. You don’t want to surprise yourself one day knowing that your roofings have leaks, your doors have security problems and that your windows are drafted – all made known to you in a one-time announcement. Now this is the reason why you should watch how your house changes from the very beginning. Time causes these changes and it is important that you attend to your house’s needs. Once you start, there’s no stopping.

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