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4 Easy Steps to Make an Easter Wreath for Your Front Door


A few weeks from now, everyone will be busy hunting for Easter eggs in various places all over the region. While the hullabaloo hasn’t started yet, you can already begin making way for the big event by hanging a fancy Easter wreath on your front door. You don’t even have to purchase expensive ones from malls or stores because you can easily make one for yourself.

Visualize a concept

The goal here is clear – that you’ll make an Easter wreath that you can proudly hang on your front door. In order to do that, you must have some sort of blueprint or guide so you will be able to execute the goal very efficiently. Find an inspiration. Your design may revolve around the fluffiness of bunnies, the pastel colors of eggs, carrots and nests. Do not limit your imagination. You don’t get to be creative every day. Also, you can make the most of this opportunity to bond with your kids in springtime.

Gather the needed materials

Perhaps now you realize how important the concept is. Not only it is essential for your artistic outlook, but also as basis for the materials you will need. By having a vision, you can easily list down the things you need to buy for your DIY craft. The good thing is that, if you are resourceful enough, you can make do with the materials you already have at home like old gift wrappers, wires, glitters, ribbons and others. Producing something neat and beautiful from recycled materials can be pretty much more satisfying than spending too much. Your front door will look great!

Make your vision into a reality

After all materials are gathered, you can now begin. Start with the foundation. You shouldn’t take this for granted because this holds all the materials you will be putting on your wreath. It must be sturdy so by the time you’d hang it on your front door, it will still stay in shape. By the way, you should remember that the concept you have created is just there to guide you. You can put additional ideas along the way. You can do anything in the name of artistic freedom!

Hang it on your front door

Loud and proud, you can finally hang it on your front door and start anticipating for the big day, Easter! When creativity knocks in, let it in. Creativity knocks in very rarely. So while it’s there knocking like a most-awaited visitor, give it a go.

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