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5 Things You’re Missing Out for Not Having Storm Doors


There’s something about home improvement that initially makes a person think of window installations, door replacements, roofing and siding services and skylight furnishings among many. For most homeowners, this is how transformation at home truly begins. However, there is one thing about transforming a home into its greater version that is often underrated and ignored. What is it? A storm door.

Although it is technically classified under the door category, a storm door still lags behind the main grouping. It has always lived in the shadows of a house’s main entryway anyway. No wonder. But it’s time you know how a storm door actually works for your humble abode. You’ll be surprised.


On top of everything, a storm door allows additional barrier for your home against unwanted visitors and burglars. With its locking mechanism, you are given ample time to screen your guests before letting them inside. This would even be of much purpose in the absence of a peep hole on the main door.

Energy Efficiency

A storm door is believed to be of its finest state during cold seasons like fall and winter. Contrary to that misconception, however, a storm door is able to withstand any season and function in high quality all the same. The promise of energy-efficiency lasts all year round. Closed storm doors actually disallow exterior air to mix with interior air. Not only that! Its light-saving feature that lets in natural light to enter your house without actually opening the main door allows you to save more than you can imagine.


What most people should bear in mind is that storm doors have a variety of designs. They come in many shapes and colors that you need not worry about making your house lose a little of its freedom (as it is in itself an additional covering) or making it a little less fun. Your aesthetic preference matters.


It’s not right to believe that storm doors only entertain specific homeowner demographics. Yes, storm door installation may be a little costly but the cost you spend is almost like a proactive move to delay the damages (caused by time and environmental constraints) in your home. Moreover, storm doors can fit to any entryway no matter what the frames are made of. A storm door is always a perfect fit for the lovely entrance of your house.


As mentioned in the preceding paragraph, a storm door can delay the damages of your home, specifically the parts that it covers. It would include the main door, the frame, the floor near the opening and others as it protects those areas from harsh weathers. That’s the very reason why a storm door is considered a smart investment for home improvement.

There are still so many things to learn about home improvement aside from storm doors. You just have to keep your mind open all the time. Changes (including change of ideas) are not necessarily threats; they are opportunities to be used and taken advantage of.

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