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In 1936, William Bouchery first introduced the Bouchery family to the window industry. In the mid-fifties, his son, James Bouchery, took over the business and in 1978 founded a new company under its present name of Vinyl-Lite Window Factory. For more than seventy-five years, the Bouchery family has been dedicated to the window and door industry. To date we have manufactured and installed over 530,000 windows in the metro area.

In working with Vinyl-Lite, you will find you are dealing with a family, whose principles and values are the same as those in every strong family unit. There is an atmosphere of unity and cooperation, which resonates throughout every single employee. It is a factor often overlooked, however we never underestimate its value in elevating the quality of products produced at Vinyl-Lite Window Factory.

Peace of mind is a priceless commodity these days and the security you experience with us will enable you to enjoy the wisdom of your decision of choosing Vinyl-Lite for many years to come.

We carry an assortment of beautiful windows to compliment all architectural styles from traditional to modern, the classic double-hung to specially designed floor-to-ceiling masterpieces. Customer feedback, together with stringent tests repeatedly conducted on the same window, ensure user-friendly products, which operate with consistent ease and minimal effort.

In keeping out nature’s undesirable elements, windows have historically been the weak link within the overall construction of a home. In recent years however, with the many advances in the industry, the right windows are effectively and significantly reducing the effects of heat loss/gain, wind, and noise pollution. Now your windows can pay for themselves by the money you can save in your utility bills! They are also more durable and much easier to maintain. At Vinyl-Lite we fully appreciate and understand the importance of windows to any structure, which is why we consistently strive to provide the best possible window and door products at the most reasonable prices.

Vinyl-Lite Window Factory has been featured on CBS Evening News twice in the recent years.


We fully believe in giving back to the community and helping others when we can. Some of the local organizations Vinyl-Lite supports are:

  • Children's Hospital
  • Good Sheppard Housing
  • Habitat for Humanity
  • Lorton Community Action Program
  • Michael & Son Helping Hand
  • New Hope Housing
  • Project Mend A House
  • R.P.J. Housing
  • S.O.M.E. - So Others May Eat
  • Make A Wish Foundation
  • Youth For Tomorrow (Joe Gibbs)
  • Arts for Humanity
  • Dumfries Communities
  • Potomac High School
  • Hayfield School
  • Hayfield Secondary School
  • Frank Gregory Memorial
  • Affordable Housing Corp of Arlington
  • Maryland Multi Housing
  • Fairfax County Professional Fire
  • Fairfax County Police Dept
  • Stafford County Fire Fighters Volunteer
  • American Cancer Society
  • Holy Family Academy
  • Bridge of Hope
  • Habitat For Humanity - Restore
  • Tim Harmon 5k Run
  • Dick Evans Memorial
  • POW Rolling Thunder

If you didn't catch us on Michael & Son's Helping Hand Home Makeover for the Lloyd family in Dumfries, you can still see it! Mary and her son Elias, whom she must care for 24/7, received their renovation after the earthquake made living conditions unbearable. Please click the link below to see how a community comes together to help each other out.


At Vinyl-Lite we don't just limit our participation to the local community. We have donated our products to projects like Art for Humanity. They are building a college in Honduras and we supplied them with windows.

You can click the button below to see pictures of the progress thus far:



Monday - Thursday: 7:00 am - 5:00 pm

Friday: 7:00 am - 3:30 pm

Saturday: 9:00 am - 1:00 pm


Monday - Friday:7am - 3:30pm

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