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Why are birds flying into my windows?

The only downside to beautiful, clean Vinyl-Lite Window Factory energy efficient windows is an increase in bird accidents. Winged creatures take one glance at your pristine custom-fit windows and assume the reflection is a clear flight path of trees or sky. It can be hard to enjoy such visual perfection when you’ve got the constant … Continued

7 Popular Tornado Myths Exposed

Climate monitoring and records show that tornadoes severely happen in the United States within the end of spring up until the beginning of autumn. This means that it also has chances of occurrence during summer. As a heads up for your disaster preparation, we have gathered seven of the most common tornado myths people falsely … Continued

How To Prepare For Hurricanes and Thunderstorms

Preparatory measures for natural calamities do not mean that such tragedies are sources of annual anticipations, like you are actually excited for them to happen. In fact, preparations are precautions on the expected negative consequences of the mentioned natural misfortunes. Whether they come to Maryland, Virginia, and Washington DC or luckily skip our region, it … Continued

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