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Cheers To Beginnings

Birth. It is the beginning of life. For mothers, it’s like holding their hearts out in the open. How fragile and delicate babies are. Their cries bring a pang of sadness and happiness to anyone who hears them. Their laughter is contagious. Their first walk and talk, everything is documented.

Commencement Ceremony. It is a rite of passage every student experiences after years of hardwork within the academe. For some, it is the end of suffering from doing all homework and laboratory experiments. For others, it is an escape away from terror professors and stereotyped bullies. But certainly, it is the beginning of freedom!

New Year. Every December 31st, people gather to party for the New Year countdown. It has been tradition to most people to welcome another year with a bang – amplified party music, unlimited shots of champagne, grand fireworks display, and of course, for couples, they seal it with a midnight kiss.

So what is it that really makes beginnings special?

Well, let’s just say beginnings are special because they only happen once. Once they do, there’s no way you can replay it. It could happen in another time, but in a different situation. Every beginning is a unique experience. That’s what makes it worth celebrating!

Today Vinyl-Lite Windows Factory reaches another milestone. Finally, we are starting our blog! It may have taken a little longer than expected, (because we have been in the industry for almost 30 years) but the long wait is over!

Whether in the services we offer, in the helpful tips that we impart, or in the highlights of our company, we want you to be the first one to know. There is a wide variety of topics that we can discuss in our blogs that would definitely interest you! What’s wonderful about this is that it is interactive! Your comments are always valuable to us. We consider our customers our priority. We listen because we care!

So let this be a celebration of beginnings. To Vinyl-Lite Windows Factory in its endeavor to make its online presence in the blogging scene, and to our valued customers’ continuing support and anticipation for this venture, let’s all together say: “Cheers!”

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