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Common Problems You Encounter With Your Entry Door

Of all the doors you have in your house, it is not anymore surprising to see that the one that’s easily worn and torn out is the entry door. You could practically do a rigorous comparison between your entry door and the rest of the doors in your house. Not a day goes by that you notice it gradually changing for the worst, and yet you only realize its present state one summer morning while you are doing a general house cleaning with your family.

The reason behind all these is that the entry door is the mostly used entrance and exit of your house. No one can really name a digit on how many times it is opened and closed each day. Needless to say, the variety of how it is banged by the people who use it also becomes a factor.

At this point, it is safe to say it is advisable that you pay attention to the hinges of your entry door. The daily use of your entry door also takes a toll on the functionality of the movable parts that allow the opening and closing. Have it cleaned every now and then to avoid stickiness and to minimize unnecessary noise it can possibly produce. Spraying some furniture lubricant to the hinges could also ease the whole thing.

Other than that, weather conditions also cause some changes to your door. Considering that the entry door is the one mostly exposed to sunlight, your entry door is prone to color change, specifically the chipping and fading of paints. You can counteract this by doing a DIY door repainting. Also, regular cleaning of doors would help slow down the deterioration of the material it is made from

Water coming from any form of precipitation might attempt to enter your door once liquid finds a leak to get access inside. Door leaks also allow air inside the house to go out. You can imagine what a waste of electrical energy it is, right? To say the least, door leaks are signs of a door’s decline resulting from old age. If worse comes to worst, you have to decide for door replacement.

As a homeowner, it is critical for you to notice what’s still working and what’s not. Once you identify them, you can then take action with the necessary repairs. It applies to everything, most especially to your, often underrated, entry door.

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