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DIY Tips in Cleaning Doors, Windows and Sidings

It is always good to do some houseworks by yourself when the work load is not really that heavy. Especially if you want to cut some costs, doing them yourself is the most practical thing to do. Replacing and installing some new facilities in your home could get difficult, but doing some simple cleaning is not that ambitious. Whether you plan on cleaning doors, windows, or your house sidings, you have these tips listed below to be thankful for!

July is a hot season to begin with. But we, in Vinyl-Lite Windows Factory, do not encourage you to do the cleaning when the sun is striking hot or when the light directly hits the area you are trying to clean. The tendency is that it will rush the drying pattern which may leave unpleasant streaks on the surface. The thing is, the water or the liquid substance used for cleaning is dried up prematurely before they completely flow to the bottom, thus explains the streaks. It is advisable that you do the cleaning when the area in target is in shade or simply when the weather is a little bit cloudy. You just have to find the right timing.

Also, when you get yourself into doing things on your own, it is important to always use your common sense to get quality result within a short amount of time. Start cleaning from the top to the bottom. It is  a basic thing most people forget. Doing the opposite is only a waste of time – and a waste of cleaning materials. Begin on the top to make the whole cleaning process efficient. When you start below, most likely you will have to do the whole process all over again. Gravity sucks down the liquid you use for cleaning, you know. So naturally every dirt washed away on top always finds its way to go down.

In the case of cleaning glass doors or windows, you need to also take into consideration the air quality inside your homes. What do I mean by this? Air produced by air-conditioners or heaters sometimes release dusty air that are usually visible in glasses. Check your air ventilation machines to avoid such scenario.

It pays to notice all the little details.

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