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Don’t Take Door Window Treatments For Granted – Read here!


Are Your Door Window Treatments Neglected?

Windows are typically what come to mind when you hear the words, ‘window treatments.’ However, did you know that door windows have needs to be met too? They are seldom given attention, simply because they’re part of the door. On the other hand, they’re windows too and upgrading them will also upgrade the mood of your home.

Now is the time to give attention to door window treatments. To make things easier, here are some helpful tips on window treatments for a variety of door types.


French Doors

French door windows are useful for allowing light to penetrate inside the house. Aside from their function, they also add an elegant style. But since French doors are not so good when it comes to privacy, try to use sheer shades or roller shades. They help filter natural light and maintain your home’s privacy.


Patio Doors

Patios with beautiful floral outdoor gardens provide a beautiful view inside and outside of your home. Patio doors should not miss their window treatments. Vertical blinds and lined drapes are your options. They function easily and can help control temperature inside your house.


Front Doors

When your relatives, friends, or colleagues visit your place, the front door is the first and last thing they see. If you want to make your front doors to stand out, you may use window film, honeycomb shade, mini blinds, or cafe curtains.


Sliding Doors

Vertical blinds are typically used to cover sliding doors. However, you may try something new like Roman shades, roller shades, or drapes. Sheer panels would look great too since they are easy to control and they filter natural light.


There are a lot of options you can choose from door window treatments. If you need a hand, ask the right people to assist you.

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