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A Buyer’s Guide for Entrance Door Replacement in Northern Virginia

Whether by choice or by necessity, you’ve made the decision to replace the entrance door on your home. The options are many, and you’re just not at all sure where to start, so you’ve asked:

“How do I know which entry door is right for me?”

The process to select a replacement entry door in northern Virginia can be complicated and, sometimes, confusing, but as the Honest Window (& Door) Company, we created this buyer’s guide designed to make it all a little easier.

Consider entry door style.

Exterior doors are available on the market in a wide variety of designs and styles to match any home, and any taste. The discerning homeowner might choose a basic entry door made of steel, or a tough, compression-molded fiberglass door designed to mimic hand-carved wood.

Consider entry door construction material.

The replacement entrance doors manufactured and sold by Vinyl Lite are constructed of fiberglass or steel, and/or with a polyurethane foam core, each of which has its own benefits and advantages:

  • A fiberglass entry door offers the look and feel of genuine wood without all the maintenance. In fact, fiberglass doors are designed to weather the demands of any climate.
  • For the most economical option, choose a steel door. These entry doors offer strength and durability at a low price point. Steel doors from Vinyl-Lite Window Factory are treated to be entirely rust-resistant.
  • Entrance doors that feature a polyurethane foam core offer additional sound-resistance and superior insulation value that worked to reduce heating and cooling energy needs.

Consider entry door features.

When choosing a replacement entry door in northern Virginia, there are a number of features to consider:

  • Security: Rest assured, all of the doors sold and installed by Vinyl-Lite Window Factory meet superior safety standards, no matter the building material. Our entrance doors feature stainless steel tongue construction and 3-point locking structure for greater security and stability.
  • Glass: Vinyl-Lite is the Honest Window Company; we know glass. If you want full-view glass panels, ¾-view glass panels, half-, or even just ¼-glass panels, there’s an entry door on the market, ready to adorn and service your home.
  • Swing: Choose an inswing (I/S) entry door, or an outswing (O/S) entry door, depending on your preferences or the construction of your home.
  • Hinges: Left-side hinges or right-side hinges generally depend on the swing of the door, where outswing doors feature hinges on the left and inswing doors feature hinges on the right.

Choosing a replacement entrance door in northern Virginia doesn’t have to be confusing or stressful. Call the experts at Vinyl-Lite Window Factory.

We’re standing by to answer your entrance door replacement questions.

Give us a call, at (703) 879-1426.

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