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How to Have a Fun Home-Based Spring Break


Spring breaks need not be spent with booze on beaches. As you may remember, those days were already a few years past you. You’re not the same adolescent whose main goal in life is to experience what it’s like to have fun on spring time.

The days are changing. Your maturity as a homeowner demands some other stuff from you. Staying at home can’t be all that boring. That’s if you know how to put the fun in it! Learn from these tips.

Get started from your garden’s fresh produce

Technically, you can’t enjoy the benefits of harvesting fresh produce from your garden instantaneously! This requires hardwork and a few seasons to prepare.

Here’s what you need to do. Put all you know about gardening and landscaping together. Not only will you taste fresh fruits and vegetables in the long run, but you’ll see the beauty in finding a new hobby as well. Spring time is about beginnings, they say. Begin a new chapter in your life by having a new interest!

If you feel like right now is too late, you can have it next spring time.

Host a movie night with neighbors and old friends

Commercial outdoor movies are a bit overrated. Instead of going to one, host your own instead with old friends or neighbors of the same age range in your backyard. With a projector and a few mats and popcorns, it’ll be a sure hit. It’s the perfect time to play an ultimate throwback movie that all of you can relate from, in reminiscence of your glorious years of adolescence.

Spring time is movie time too.

Hang out on the porch with coffee or tea

You can’t just keep yourself locked inside your house’s walls and windows in spring time. Spring is a beautiful season to behold and appreciate. So take time appreciating nature by sitting in your porch just a few hours before sunset.

Take a sip from your favorite coffee or tea and look at your surroundings. Those green leaves and blooming flowers do not last long enough.

We’re pretty much sure you’re afraid of the pollens, once or twice isn’t bad enough. The porch is all yours.

Set up a garage sale

There are some things you need to let go. Your old books, baseball caps, old furniture, toys – name it.

Invite the people in your community to buy your old stuff in big discounts. Gather the kids in your neighborhood and let them explore their first “shopping” experience. It’ll surely be a fun experience, not only for you, but for everyone who’s staying in-house in spring.

There’s no need to fret over losing some things you value. Endings are beginnings in disguise. You’ll eventually get something new out of the whole experience. Happy spring break!


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