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Health Hazards You Need To Avoid in Summer

Let’s take a break! You’ve been counting the days in the calendar for summer and now that it’s here, you cannot waste any more minute. You have got to make the most of the season. Relax and have fun while you still can. Along with this, however, is a reminder from us that you should make your leisure time as safe as possible.

Take this list as a guide to make your vacation a memorable one.

1. Bring water or any drinkable fluid wherever you go. A lot of people get dehydrated in summer because of the many outdoor activities they’re involved in. Especially that the temperature is at its peak, there is a big probability you’ll stop sweating. Heat stroke is a manifestation of dehydration. So please, drink a lot of water.

2. Since you’d be going out all the time, let’s say to the beach, to the park or to the music festival, take care of your skin by applying sun screen that will protect you from UVB and UVA rays. Too much sun exposure will burn your skin, and will give you a risk of having melanoma. It will also be helpful if you wear wide-brimmed hats and shades to protect your face and eyes from the sun. Also, arm sleeves and leg protectors can be of help.

There’s nothing wrong getting a tan, but too much of it can be very dangerous.

3. If you are into picnics, then you must be very particular with your food choice. Because of the ever-increasing temperature, some foods easily develop bacteria that can cause poisoning a few hours after taken out from the fridge. Some of the foods you must be very careful with are dairy products, eggs, meat and others. Be extra careful. You don’t want to spend your summer helplessly lying in the hospital bed, do you?

4. Drink responsibly when going to a beach or a pool. This is pretty much the same why drunk driving is prohibited. A lot of nasty possibilities can happen once your head is afloat. You have to stay collected. If you really want to drink too much, avoid swimming, surfing and boating. Just concentrate emptying the bottle, okay?

Nobody wants to remember summer on a very negative note. You have to put some effort to make it worth reminiscing. Create good and lasting memories this season!

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