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House Windows Security: Be Safe Than Sorry

Families go on vacations during summer. While others prefer trips that would last for days, others simply pay visit to the nearby pool to cool down. Nevertheless, they still go out of their homes and leave houses unattended. While it is pretty normal going in and out of the house during regular workdays without the paranoia, it is different in the summer season. When you go to work, you get excited to go home to relax. When you go to a trip somewhere, you enjoy so much you resist to go home. See the difference?

Well, nothing’s really wrong with that since there are days in summer that are allotted for fun and leisure. But in order to achieve that, you have got to hold on to some sense of security that will give you that confidence to leave your home – safe and protected. Before closing the doors and windows and leaving that doorstep for your summer getaway, wipe away those wrinkles first. Windows invite light, but in some unfortunate times, they also invite burglars! Leave your worries and enjoy your trip through some of these tips:

Double-hung Window

There are many security options for double-hung windows. Double-hung, which is generally one of the most popular window designs, is perfectly suitable to a lot of lock designs. Installation of a locking-pin will do great as getting ventilation locks. You may also use a turn-buckle if you want to use keys, or a simpler one – a wedge lock.

Sliding Window

Another well-liked window design, because of its convenience, is the Sliding window. Fortunately, there are also a lot of locks to choose from for this particular window design. You may use a lever-like lock instead of thumbscrew. Another option is also a key track which you can place in almost any part of the window.


A door-bolt-like device would be perfect for a casement window. On the other hand, to avoid thieves from pulling a gliding window open, putting a screw horizontally on the sliding track will hinder it from opening.

There are many security options to choose from that does not sacrifice the quality and the design of your windows. What’s good is that, if you decide earlier about your lock options, you may have them installed immediately after your window company installs or replaces your house windows. Always be safe, but never compromise style and quality. You can never go wrong with the lock options presented above.

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