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How Do Double Hung Windows Work?

If you are thinking about replacement windows, you are probably browsing your options and wondering which option is best for you. When it comes to windows, there are a lot of options out there, but one of the main divisions is between single hung and double hung windows. If you do not know the difference between single hung and double hung windows, it might be time to learn. Double hung windows offer a lot of benefits that traditional, single hung windows do not. 

Here are a few of the most important things you need to know about double hung before making a decision about your new windows.

What are double hung windows?

Double hung windows differ from single hung windows not in the number of panes or sashes—both generally have two. The difference has to do with the mobility of the sashes. In the case of a traditional, single hung window, only the bottom sash moves. You can raise or lower the bottom sash, but the top part of the window remains immobile. 

Double hung windows are different in that you can move both sashes, top and bottom. This is done one of two ways: either both sashes are vertically mobile—as in you can slide both up and down, allowing you to open either the top or bottom all the way, or open both half of the way by moving both sashes to the middle—or both sashes swing open by turning diagonally on hinges. Both of these models have advantages in comparison to single hung windows, as listed below.

What makes double hung windows special?

If you have done your research, you probably know that double hung windows tend to cost somewhat more than single hung windows both in terms of the product itself and the price of installation. You might be asking yourself why it is worth the extra investment to buy double hung windows. There are four big reasons why many homeowners prefer double hung windows:

  1. Easy cleaning

One of the best features of double hung windows is the facility with which window panes—and more importantly the space between and behind the sashes—can be cleaned. Because the top half of single hung windows is immoble, cleaning that space can be a difficult and time consuming process, even with the right cleaning equipment. Double hung windows, on the other hand, are extremely easy to clean because every sash is mobile. This means all of the joints and spaces between sashes are easy to access and thus easy to keep spotless. Over the course of the few years, this can not only save you time, but also extend the lifespan of the window.

  1. Enhanced ventilation

Another commonly cited reason why double hung windows are worth the investment is the amount of increased ventilation that comes from having two operable sashes. With conventional windows, cross ventilation is impossible unless you have two windows open. In the case of double hung windows, however, you can achieve cross ventilation just by opening both sashes of the same window. This can be particularly useful in a small space like a bathroom that needs extra ventilation because of high moisture levels, but may not have more than a single window. It is also useful in hot environments where natural cooling can help reduce cooling costs.

  1. Versatile design options

As mentioned earlier, double hung windows come in a variety of designs, and are generally more versatile than conventional, single hung windows. Modern designs of double hung windows come in a variety of materials, such as aluminum, wood, fiberglass, or vinyl. Tilt in sashes are particularly useful in comparison to single-hung windows in terms of their capacity to ventilate and facilitate air flow.

  1. Energy efficiency

Because of recent innovations in window design, replacing old single hung windows with contemporary double hung windows can mean better energy efficiency, which reduces both heating and cooling costs.

How to choose the right window

Choosing the right window can be a confusing process. With all of the options available, it might be hard to know if you are making the right decision. Fortunately, knowing the benefits of double hung windows can help you narrow down your decision. Some other important factors to consider are:

  • Type and quality of glass used
  • Style and color (especially when replacing antique or custom-made windows)
  • Type and quality of materials used for the sashes and window frame

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