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Increase The Resale Value Of Your Old House

Getting a new house and selling an old one are not easy tasks to do. They cause too much hassle especially for busy working people like you. Aside from the fact that doing the word-of-mouth marketing (and even online) takes time, it is not the only thing that matters. It will always come to a point when a potential buyer personally visits the house you are selling for a thorough inspection and checks whether the price you offer matches the present housing condition.

Naturally, cracked window panes and rotten parts of the entrance door would depreciate the value of your home. Broken shingles and discolored house sidings would give your potential client an excuse to negotiate for a much lesser price than your original offer. As somebody who convinces potential buyers to say yes to a deal, your goal is to give them a reasonable price, and for you to get the much needed approval within the shortest period of time possible.

Before you get yourself in trouble explaining to would-be clients about the discrepancy of the physical aspects of your house in contrast to the price you offer, read first the list provided below as your guideline for preparation.


How secure are the doors? Are the knobs and hinges still in good working condition? Are the materials in good quality? Doors play a big role in a home as they serve as a core for security. Not only do they represent a family members’ privacy, but hospitality as well for friends and guests.


Are you noticing some cracked window panes? Are broken sills everywhere? If you aim on getting a good sum of cash from selling your old house, you have to do something with its window fixtures. Especially that windows occupy almost all parts of the house, it is important not to neglect the little details you often miss to notice.


House soundings, like the windows, contribute financially to a household by helping keep electricity bills cool down. However, most sidings (especially those that are made of materials that easily rot) are also easily affected by the ever-changing weather conditions. Aside from its aesthetic involvement in the over-all look of your old house, make sure it still serves it purpose.

Roofings & Skylites

A house doesn’t fully function without a decent top. One basically protects you from the heat and rain, while the other provides you with light in a very practical manner. These parts of the house are mostly unnoticed because of their placements, but a meticulous potential buyer still sees the need to check them out.

Make sure to have all these things checked for approval in your checklist. A little repair does no harm.  Besides, the little fixing you do, will gain you more benefit in the financial area in the long run. Take them as investments.

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