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Where to Install Your Awning Windows


Awning windows come from the family of casement windows. They have unique features that other windows do not. Because of that same factor, some people hesitate on buying them because of their uniqueness. Are you one of them? Well, you just have to figure out where these windows have to be installed. Take your pick from our suggestions below.


Awning windows are perfect for your bathroom. Do you usually have early morning hot baths? Do you like taking a hot bath on a tub? Awning windows allow steaminess that crowd in your bathroom to easily alleviate. You do not necessarily need to have all your bathroom windows in awning form. You can just have at least one to give it a breather.


Another good spot for awning windows is the attic. Since the attic is the closest part of the roof, it is most susceptible to changing temperatures – from hot to cold – brought by the direct contact of sunshine and rain to the roof. Awning windows will maintain good air circulation and ventilation in the attic.


Worried about your child not reaching his or her windows in his or her own bedroom? Worry no more. Awning windows are the perfect solution to the problem. They are designed to close and open from the bottom instead of having them at the top or in the middle. It is a truly child-friendly feat. With regards to security, it’s too small for a burglar to enter and for children to go out.

Living Room

Lastly, put them in your living room. It’s difficult to imagine, right? But trust us, it has been tested and proven by many homes. Awning windows are best placed at the bottom or middle level of a living room. For the purpose of bringing in some breeze in your home, awning windows are very effective.


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