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To-do List to Celebrate the National Home Improvement Month


Spring, as you may know, is not the only highlight in the month of May. Aside from the celebration of flowers, there is also what we call a celebration of houses and homes. Having been tagged as the National Home Improvement Month, you get your go signal to express that long been deprived affection for your home this May. Don’t know how to get started? We’ve got some guidelines for you.

A bird’s eye view will let you see the roofing better

You see the same parts of your house every day. But with the use of a sturdy ladder, you can pay close attention to the most underrated covering of your humble abode – the roof. Take some time to share the bird’s vision and notice the parts that need care, repair and home improvement. Be ahead of the consequences and do the needed fixing that will spare you from spending much in the future.

Use the human’s eye view to see the walls and sidings

After putting back the ladder into your garage, you may now focus your attention to the lose paints of your sidings. As long as nothing severe is noticed, replacement isn’t necessary. But in order for you to pay less whenever you hire the services of a painter, you may immediately remove the lose paints through the use of a pressure washer. Or better yet, if you have the leisure time, you can do the siding repainting yourself. Enjoy the process of home improvement!

Look up to inspect the unassuming gutters

Raise your head a little. Notice those gutters that have been very well been utilized during autumn and winter. While the gutters hibernate for a while, prepare them for the colder seasons by doing necessary repairs. The sun shines at its brightest in spring and summer, which means you have enough time to fix leaky gutter joints and patch gutter holes. Gutters aren’t supposed to be missed out when it comes to having a total home improvement makeover.

Check what’s happening a few feet under

And hey, don’t forget the basement! When was the last time you really stayed in there to have your moment? Just because it is hidden from visitors, doesn’t mean it deserves to be abandoned. Most problems root from external water coming in, causing drafts and moisture in your basement. Have this fixed before it causes bigger problems in your home and in your family’s health.

Do not be fooled when people tell you May is a National Home Improvement Month and that you must undertake on a specific home improvement project. It surely is, but it does not demand anything grand from you. The little details matter too. The said title only serves as a reminder. Enjoy the whole month of May!

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