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Make It Shine: Tips On Making Your House Brighter

Aside from having windows, doors and sidings that have excellent insulation and glazing systems, what else can be done to have your monthly electricity bills reduced? Well, for all you know, temperature is not the only thing to be dealt with when it comes to your energy usage. In its own little way, light also has its contribution to the bills you pay. Now here are some tips that you can apply to your own home!


It is pretty much known to everyone that there are materials that provide you what you need in terms of heating and cooling systems. However, when it comes to letting light enter your home, window sizes would matter. The wider the openings are, the brighter your house will become. Consider installing the wide windows in areas where your family and visitors mostly stay in. They would be perfect in living rooms and dining areas.

Open Plans

Open floor plans are very convenient to make an area look more spacious. Compared to having big windows, an open plan does not necessarily invite natural light to come in your house from the outside. What it does instead is that it allows light to be shared in one big area. Wall and door divisions are actually impractical as they encourage individual usage of lights. Imagine the second floor of your house with five separate rooms, and five separate electricity uses. Wouldn’t you prefer having only one or two sources?

Entry Doors

Doors can be found in different areas of your home, and you can have them in different designs. For the purpose of allowing light to enter your residence, you can opt on having an entrance door having glass elements in the design. In one way or another, you still want privacy, right? Keep your entrance doors coy, exert the glass element by having a sliding glass doors at the back of your home. It will serve as a fine opening towards the patio.


Perhaps the most creative access to let the light enter in your home is through having skylights. Its aesthetic can actually be seen in its placement. Where do you think it suits best? How will it appear as part of the interior? Also, by studying about the East and the West you can adorn your home by knowing where the light hits and knowing where the shadows land at a specific time of the day.

The above are suggested actions you can do to make your house a brighter place to live in. Light in some ways affect your mood. The brighter your dwelling place is, the more positive your outlook in life will be. Not only will you be able to save electricity usage, but you will be saved from the literal darkness as well.

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