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New Patio Doors: French Door

Innovative styling and engineering design combined with energy efficient performance makes our vinyl patio door the perfect compliment to any home. The unique “rain shed” weather-stripping provides peace of mind that the inside of your home will never get wet.



  • 7/8″ tempered clear insulating glass featuring a warm edge spacer for energy efficiency.
  • Fusion welded frame and sash for greater strength, durability and protection from air/water infiltration.
  • Multiple internal air chambers provide layers of insulation even in the warmest or coldest temperatures.
  • Sloped anodized aluminum sill resists wear.
  • Full perimeter weather strip keeps cold out and warmth in.
  • 4 9/16″ and optional 6 9/16″ jambs for construction requirements.
  • Full height anodized aluminum gear hinge provides incredible structural strength to door panel.
  • Additional flush bolts at head and sill on inactive panel of true French door.
  • Standard center deadbolt with keylock affords optimum security.
  • Lifetime written warranty on door unit, screen, and hardware.
  • NFRC and AAMA certified.

  • High performance Low-E glass is available for insulating enhancement and provides UV protection for carpets, drapes and furniture.
  • Integral nail-fin for airtight installation.
  • Multi-point lock system with stainless steel hardware deadbolt and key lock for optimal safety.
  • Grids
  • Various color options
  • Custom sizes and designs
  • Fiberglass Finishing Systems exclusively designed for the fiberglass doors takes performance to the next level. With cutting edge technology, this system offers unbeatable durability, superior long-term performance, and adds low maintenance and lasting beauty to any entrance. Each door is finished in a controlled environment by trained technicians ensuring a consistent finish every time. Both stain and paint options available.
  • Finished Jamb Openings: Stained solid hard wood or painted scratch-resistant aluminum clad. Available in various colors.
  • Prefinished Interior Casing: Various options available.
  • Multi-Point Locking System: Stainless steel tongue construction and 3-point locking structure for greater security and stability.
  • No-Mar Jamb Options: No sanding, priming, or painting! No-Mar aluminum coil wrapped jamb covers are designed to provide exceptional value and performance for maintenance-free exterior. Superior scratch-resistant coil gives you peace of mind. Ask one of our representatives about the scratch test!
  • Vented Sidelites: The perfect choice for any new construction or remodel and replacement. Vented sidelites work seamlessly in single hinge door or French door applications.

Our patio and French doors offer bright views of the outside and provide natural light on the inside – all without compromising security or energy efficiency. To us, it’s more than a door. From innovation, to design, to testing our systems are engineered to meet our high specifications for smooth, reliable performance. And since they are backed by warranties, you can rest assured that your investment will last for years to come.

  • Tough, Compression-Molded Composite Skins
  • Red Oak, Mahogany, and Rustic Graining; and NEW Premium Smooth-Surface Fiberglass
  • Intricate, Deep Panel Detail
  • Replicates Wood Door Appearance and Details
  • Authentic Wood Door Stile and Rail Proportions
  • Will Not Dent, Warp,Crack or Split like Wood
  • Polyurethane Foam Core
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty on System
  • Full Length, 4″ Engineered Wood Lock Stile
  • 1/2″ Solid Hard Wood Square Edges
  • Full Mortised Hinges, Solid Brass Option
  • Moisture-Shield Top and Bottom Rails
  • Adjustable Security Strike
  • Arctic Compression Weatherstrip
  • Distinctive Doorlite Designs Utilizing Compression-Molded Doorlite Designs
  • Flush-Glazed Sidelites
  • 8’0″ Height Units Available
  • Solid Panels Available with 20-Minute Fire Door Rating
  • Patio Door Systems Available

  • Tough, Compression-Molded Fiberglass Skins in Oak and Mahogany Grain
  • Wood-Grained for Staining or Painting
  • Polyurethane Foam Core
  • Guaranteed not to Warp, Dent or Split
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty on System
  • TCM Stainable Lite Frames and Doorlites
    • Not effected by heat from storm doors
    • Clear and Decorative Doorlite Options
  • Adjustable Security Strike
  • 25″ Wood Lock Block
  • 1-1/4″ Engineered Wood Stiles
  • Moisture-Shield Top and Bottom Rails
  • Arctic Compression Weatherstrip
  • Widest Selection of Panel and Doorlite Offerings
  • 7’0-and 8’0″ Units Available
  • 20-minute Fire Doors: Six-Panel, Four-Panel Square Top, Three-Panel Scroll, Three-Panel Square Top, Two-Panel, Eight-Panel and Flush
  • Patio Door Systems Available

  • Tough, Compression-Molded Fiberglass Door with Polyurethane Foam Core (Superior to steel, yet price competitive)
  • Smooth, Paint Grade Plus Surface (no primer needed)
  • Exceptional Panel Detailing; excellent curb appeal
  • Limited Lifetime Warranty on System
  • Extraordinary Performance
    • No Callbacks
    • Won’t dent, rust, split or warp
    • Won’t get cold or hot like steel
  • Moisture-Shield Rails, 1-1/4″ Engineered Wood Stiles
  • 12-1/2″ Wood Lock Block
  • BTS Lite Frames
    • Won’t yellow, split or crack
    • Can be painted a dark color
    • Can use a storm door
  • Adjustable Security Strike
  • Flush-Glazed and 8’0″ Height Doors Available
  • Arctic Compression Weatherstrip
  • Self-Locating Hinges for Precise Panel Alignment
  • 20-Minute Fire Rated Door and Frame Available
  • Patio Door Systems Available

  • 24-Gauge Steel Skins, Polyurethane Foam Core
  • Primed an Upgraded White
  • Beautiful High Definition Embossing
  • 10-Year Limited Warranty on System
  • 12-1/2″ Lock Block
  • 20-Minute Positive Pressure Fire Rated
  • Moisture-Shield Rails, Finger-Jointed PineStiles
  • Adjustable Security Strike
  • Arctic Compression or Magnetic Weatherstrip
  • Fire Rated Doors and Frames

OR you can select the finished Tru Performance – True Defense Package which includes:


  • Composite Adjustable Sill: air-tight seal prevents moisture damage. Composite material won’t rot, warp, or split.
  • Multi-Point Locking System: Stainless steel tongue construction and 3-point locking structure for greater security and stability.
  • Ball-Bearing Hinges: Heavy-duty hinges with ball bearings between each hinge pivot provide more support, stability, and smoother performance.
  • Dual-Bulb Bottom: Dual-bulb design on inswing system works with weatherstrip and corner seal pad to help prevent moisture and air infiltration.
  • 7- Shape Corner Seal Pad: creates an air pocket to help prevent moisture and air infiltration.
  • Foam-Filled Compression Weatherstrip: Remains flexible and helps seal against moisture and air infiltration.
  • Rot-Resistant Brickmould & Jambs: Made of durable rot-resistant material that helps prevent moisture-related rot, insect damage, warping, and twisting.
  • Finished Jamb Options: Choose from a painted scratch-resistant aluminum clad (available in 16 colors, or a stained solid hardwood to match or compliment your door.

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