Vinyl-Lite will be pleased to extend a $50 gift to you for “dinner for two” at a first class restaurant in close proximity to your home. This is done in appreciation for your referral if the person buys seven (7) or more windows from Vinyl-Lite.

In addition, Vinyl-Lite will enclose a check in the amount applicable to the number of windows purchased as shown in the Reward Schedule.

Reward Schedule:

7 – 11 Windows $50
12 – 19 Windows $100
20 Windows or more $200

This program is only applicable to the minimum purchase of seven (7) or more windows. Quantity of windows may include windows, patio doors, garden windows, etc. or any combination equaling seven (7).

If you prefer not to accept the reward yourself, we would be happy to make a donation to the charity of your choice. Simply let us know who you would like to donate it to and we will make the donation in your name.

The Vinyl-Lite REFERRAL PROGRAM is designed to reward you, our valued customer for referring us to a friend, relative, neighbor or co-worker.

Vinyl-Lite spends a significant amount of money each year to attract new customers to our business. We would prefer giving that money to our customers instead of to the media.

There is no limit as to the number of different people a single customer can refer to Vinyl-Lite!

Talk to your friends and neighbors now and tell them about Vinyl-Lite’s products and services. Help them to start enjoying new vinyl replacement windows just like you!

Don’t Wait! Start Calling Today!

Referring Vinyl-Lite to a friend, relative, neighbor or co-worker is the highest compliment you could ever give us.

Referring Vinyl-Lite to a friend etc. reflects your satisfaction with our product.

Referring Vinyl-Lite to a friend etc. reflects your confidence in our company.

In appreciation, we have enhanced our REFERRAL PROGRAM to more amicably reward you for your trust in us.