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So you’re thinking about new windows? What’s the difference in Double Hung & Slider?

Double Hung Vs. Slider Windows

Choosing the windows to install in your home can be overwhelming if you don’t know all your options. All window types have their benefits and drawbacks. You should simply evaluate your needs and preferences, then use the following guide to match your home to the windows it deserves!

Pros of Double Hung Windows

Double hung windows lend your house a certain “homey” feel that other options might lack. They are also easily  adjustable to fit your needs.You might choose Double Hung Windows if:

  • –You want to access the exterior panes from inside your home in order to make cleaning easier. This could be especially important if considering windows for the second or third floor. 
  • –You want to maximize ventilation potential—the ability to open the top and bottom sashes simultaneously will create better airflow even if only a single window is utilized. Warm air flows out the top, while cool air rushes in the bottom. 
  • –You want both the top and bottom portion to move independently, giving you the option to open a part of the window that younger children cannot as easily reach.
  • –You like the traditional look of them. 
  • –You want more options when it comes to installing window air conditioning units. 

Cons of Double Hung Windows 

Double Hung Windows may be elegant and bring out the charm of your home. However. They are not for everyone. You may not want Double Hung Windows if:

You are concerned about the sashes falling due to their vertical weight.

  • You have trouble lifting the sashes up and down. 
  • You are concerned that the locks and tilt-out releases could malfunction.
  • The widows will be used excessively. In such cases  gaps might form in the frame due to wear and breakdown of the locks and latches, which can eventually lead to drafts and reduced energy efficiency.
  • You cannot or don’t want to deal with slider channels possibly sticking or becoming clogged. 
  • You want a child or elderly person to be able to operate the window in less-than-ideal conditions. 

Pros of Slider Windows

Slider windows are both beautiful and easy to manage. You might choose Slider Windows if:

  • You are concerned with ease of use. The goods news is that slider windows glide easily along a horizontal plane, with no springs or locks necessary to hold them up. Younger children and elderly people will have no problem operating them.
  • You want to maximize your field of view: slider windows are longer than they are tall, increasing access to natural light and expanding your viewing range outside your home. 
  • They’ll be placed in hard to reach areas. Slider windows take very little effort to slide open and shut, meaning that standing on tip-toes in the basement will let you open a slider window, whereas a double-hung window may require a step ladder to manage. 
  • You don’t want to deal with locks, springs, or tilt-out mechanisms: slider windows remove easily from their frames, without tension-loaded springs to worry about. 

Cons of Slider Windows:

Although they can be convenient and stylish, slider windows are not for everyone. You might choose to forgo slider windows if:

  • You prefer the look of a more ‘traditional’ double-hung window.
  • You want the high-low airflow option of a vertically-set window.
  • You want to be able to lock the sashes precisely in place.
  • You want tilt-out ease-of-access for cleaning the panes from the inside.
  • You intend to use window AC units in the window during the summer. 

In Closing:

Both types of window are energy efficient and can make a beautiful addition or upgrade to your home. Here at Vinyl Lite, your local window company, we’ve been serving the Northern Virginia area for over 40 years. Contact us today to schedule your free quote

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