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Storm Door Installation: A Budget-Friendly Alternative for Door Replacement

A series of celebrations is waiting for us at the end of the year. Although we look forward to having a good time at these events, the coming holidays also signal the approaching demand of nasty electricity bills causing our pockets to instantly turn loose. If not handled well, the increasing cold would dominate our households and demand much of our hard-earned money. The idea of having a door replacement project to have these home issues settled would probably the first one to pop. But good news! It isn’t the only option.


Why is door replacement initially thought of as an instant solution to such problems anyway? It’s mainly because of unwanted openings of old and drafty doors – and windows. These cracks invite the outdoor cold temperature to seep through your home. But instead of having your doors immediately replaced, you may very well opt for storm door installation as an alternative. It’s way cheaper, functional and is usable all year round.

Unfortunately for many, storm door installation only starts and ends at the front door. That shouldn’t be the case. All openings that connect your house’s interior to the exterior need that same attention your front door gets. It is a prerequisite that you check on all your exterior doors and identify which ones invite the cold temperature to take over your home. That way, you’ll know which ones demand for remedy – whether its storm door installation or door replacement.

Start the inspection! And make sure you don’t miss the following:


Garage Doors


Vehicles, gym equipment, musical instruments, mechanical tools. These are just a few of the many things you put in your garage. Although this part may just be an extension of your home, its contents still need careful preservation. To make them last, they must be protected from extreme cold. However, garage doors are naturally built wider than usual doors. Door replacement in this area of the house may be a little more expensive than other parts. If the cash doesn’t seem to be a problem at the moment, go for door replacement. Otherwise, you can have storm door installation, and be equally satisfied with the end result.


Basement Doors


The basement, which is positioned a few inches lower than the ground, would above all need extra shield. Basement storm doors are a necessity especially during the winter months. Imagine a mass of snow filling up the space separating your basement exit to the ground level. Going in and out through it would definitely be impossible. But thanks to having a basement storm door installation option. Have it secured before the snow pour turns heavy!


Sliding Patio Doors


Replacing your sliding patio doors just because of weather constraints isn’t a good idea. You don’t really need to sacrifice your house’s overall curb appeal because of that. Door replacement alternative has never been this good with storm door installation.

Storm doors aren’t just suited for front doors. Brought by customization services, not only does storm door installation available in a wide variety of styles and colors, but in different sizes as well. Have one for your sliding patio doors. That extra layer is as important to keep your living room or bedroom area warm enough to last the season.

Storm door installation isn’t a home improvement step to fear about. It is a friendly, versatile alternative for door replacement. Replacement may be the ideal option, but with due consideration of financial constraints, storm door installation would be the next best candidate. Keep yourself warm!


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