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Summer Storm Preparation Checklist

Heat is an issue the summer season cannot keep. The temperature, on the other hand, is something you cannot get hold of. This central manifestation of summer sometimes takes its toll on your activities. Yet, you can do nothing but make do with what you have and enjoy it as much as possible.

Other than the heat it brings, storms are also very common in summer. Have you been focusing too much on your vacation? Are you prepared for storms? Before they start raging into your region, might as well check what needs to repaired and what needs to be prepared.

Check for leaks
Whether those are leaks on the ceiling, windows or roofing, take action right away. You have got to schedule an appointment instantly with your repair man. Putting pails and basins all over your house during the peak of a thunderstorm is the last thing you’d want to happen.

Check for trees
Aside from checking up some parts of your house, also study the trees surrounding it. Especially if your yard caters to a number of trees, take time to cut out tree branches and limbs that may cause damage to your house caused by lightning or strong winds. But remember not to overdo it. You need to at least save some branches that will keep you in shade during the sunny days.

Check for emergency tools
Always expect the worst when it comes to natural disasters like storms. Through it, you’ll be able to prepare for the worst scenarios that could happen. For blackouts, you could have your emergency lamps charged or match and candles prepared. For floods, you could have your appliances placed in elevated areas. In the most unfavorable situations, you could have your food stock readied in the pantry.

At the end of the day, you are all geared up for whatever comes your way.

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