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New for Northern Virginia Homeowners from Vinyl Lite: Thermal SunScreen®

The honest window company — that is, Vinyl Lite Window Factory — is committed to keeping its customers, and their northern Virginia homes all summer long. You’ve got your energy efficient windows, but when the mercury spikes near the triple digits, your view on the world may need a little added protection from the sun. … Continued

Ways To Maximize Our Home Space With Bay Windows

Cozy, stunning and efficient. Sure, who would not want all these quirks be present at once? These are the things that turn our jaws drop and lead us to the idea of us wishing to be as creative as the one who did the project. The good news is: we are on the same page, … Continued

TIPS: How to Handle the Downside of the Summer Season?

You know that summer isn’t just about the beach and the luxurious parties and vacations you have already marked on your calendars. Other than the activities you have come to anticipate, there may also be some essential ones that had slipped your mind as they are overpowered by thoughts of having a fun summertime. Natural … Continued

To-do List to Celebrate the National Home Improvement Month

Spring, as you may know, is not the only highlight in the month of May. Aside from the celebration of flowers, there is also what we call a celebration of houses and homes. Having been tagged as the National Home Improvement Month, you get your go signal to express that long been deprived affection for … Continued

Home Improvement Gift Suggestions for Mothers

If your haven’t come up with a brilliant idea for your mom yet for Mother’s Day, keep calm and know that you are not the only person dealing with this problem. Everyone is now experiencing that slight anxiety for not knowing what actually pleases moms as their big day awaits. You are now practically thinking … Continued

5 Things You’re Missing Out for Not Having Storm Doors

There’s something about home improvement that initially makes a person think of window installations, door replacements, roofing and siding services and skylight furnishings among many. For most homeowners, this is how transformation at home truly begins. However, there is one thing about transforming a home into its greater version that is often underrated and ignored. … Continued

4 Easy Steps to Make an Easter Wreath for Your Front Door

A few weeks from now, everyone will be busy hunting for Easter eggs in various places all over the region. While the hullabaloo hasn’t started yet, you can already begin making way for the big event by hanging a fancy Easter wreath on your front door. You don’t even have to purchase expensive ones from … Continued

4 Convenient Ways to Avoid Seasonal Allergies

Your body reactions definitely have something to do with the changing seasons. You have eventually moved on from cold and flu and now about to welcome allergies. Seasons are inevitable, you know that of course. But seasonal allergies can be prevented given the application of proactive precautionary measures. Disinfect your home “What does this have … Continued

4 Ways to Get Ready for a Spring Landscaping Project

There’s no one to blame about the heightened excitement many homeowners have on beautifying their gardens. After being surrounded with white in the whole duration of winter, there’s that communal longing for color in spring. If you cannot wait for spring to officially begin, you may start doing the preliminary landscaping and gardening procedures by … Continued

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