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How to Have a Fun Home-Based Spring Break

Spring breaks need not be spent with booze on beaches. As you may remember, those days were already a few years past you. You’re not the same adolescent whose main goal in life is to experience what it’s like to have fun on spring time. The days are changing. Your maturity as a homeowner demands … Continued

To-do List to Celebrate the National Home Improvement Month

Spring, as you may know, is not the only highlight in the month of May. Aside from the celebration of flowers, there is also what we call a celebration of houses and homes. Having been tagged as the National Home Improvement Month, you get your go signal to express that long been deprived affection for … Continued

4 Convenient Ways to Avoid Seasonal Allergies

Your body reactions definitely have something to do with the changing seasons. You have eventually moved on from cold and flu and now about to welcome allergies. Seasons are inevitable, you know that of course. But seasonal allergies can be prevented given the application of proactive precautionary measures. Disinfect your home “What does this have … Continued

Winter Aftermath: 3 Basic Home Spring Preparations

Have you noticed the sun extending its stay longer above the horizon these past few days? Well, it only means one thing – spring is coming. While spring hasn’t officially started yet, take this time as a preparatory privilege to prepare and plan for what needs to be done by the time spring arrives. Everyone … Continued

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