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How Garden Windows Give You a Happier Home

Winter has that certain melancholic effect that leaves us sulking in one corner of the bedroom. Don’t you agree? If it’s not stopping you to go out and be merry, it hinders you to stand up and take control of the things you’ve always loved to do. We can’t totally blame it on the cold. … Continued

How To Winterize Your Windows

The ever-changing temperature affects house windows as seen by unwanted drafts especially during winter. Air during regular seasons may remain unseen, but they establish their presence upon the occurrences of temperature change. They create gusty marks on the surface of window panes that’s necessarily not good to look at. But more importantly, these breezy imprints … Continued

DIY Home Improvement Projects For Winter

Let’s say that you have done well in terms of managing your home. Despite working off your ass and struggling to be the best in the career path you have chosen, you haven’t taken your house and family for granted – thanks to your excellent time management skills! However, seasons change four times a year … Continued

House Preparations For The Cooler Seasons

Autumn starts differently in different poles depending on individual calendars that have been followed traditionally from one country to another. In the United States’ case, it runs on the second week of September. That means to say you only have less than a month to prepare your house for the cooler and more unpredictable seasons … Continued

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