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Top 4 Lies of Window Salesmen You Need to Ignore


The window industry is as chaotic as any industry there is. With tough competitions going about in the market, window salesmen strategize to their hearts’ content in persuading their customers to say yes to their offers. No one’s to blame. Unmatched efforts to gather more sales amidst a tough clash of marketing skills would only leave one crumbling on one corner. That’s why other window salesmen cross the line of ethical marketing and execute bait and switch advertising and others of that sort to their target customers. The common ones are listed below.

“Windows come cheap for as low as $200 or less.”

Have you ever heard window salesmen talk to you into purchasing a window in a very low price? Well, they usually do and they don’t fail to mention a particular combination of digits to keep your attention on the product they are dealing with you. The problem comes when it is later on revealed that the said “cheap” product is unavailable and that you need to switch to another product with almost the same features as the first, but this time, in a much higher price. Sleek, isn’t it? Window salesmen have mastered the art of persuading customers as smoothly and subtly as they can.

“Get a deal at $1000 – $1500 per window.”

Other circumstances, however, demand you to spend as much as $1000 – $1500 per window, when in fact, you may have a window installation or replacement for just $300 – $600. Remember, the bait from the preceding paragraph? The bait is when window salesmen tell you to get products for an affordable price; the switch comes when you are left with no choice but to pay a bigger amount, almost giving your savings a major overhaul. Always ask before signing an agreement. Be one step ahead than those unethical and overly pushy salesmen.

“Replace your windows to save energy.”

Some windows that are made of specific materials are indeed proven to be energy-efficient. But “how much” you will be able to save is yet to be defined. Some salesmen define it in a much exaggerated manner. Window replacement does not necessarily ensure energy-saving and that it isn’t necessarily an option for everyone. Take note that saving energy shouldn’t be the primary reason why you opt to undergo such home improvement change. Treat it as a necessity (because of your house’s maturity or because you want to increase its value) rather than a luxury (for paying less for electricity). The latter is just an added bonus!

“Replace rather than refinish.”

If you don’t have time to be a little creative and adventurous, then you might as well let those pushy window salesmen lead you on to the dark side. But you may also leave the door open for them, too. Be a little bit wiser, and instead of doing the window reglazing and refinishing yourself, you can hire the services of those who know the process better. Remember that before replacement, you still have other options to choose from.

It’s not a dead-end. There are other ways you need to find. You just have to know your options better. You can’t let these window salesmen fool you ever again. It might just be business for them, but it’s a lifetime investment on your side.

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