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Useful Summer Lawn Care Pointers

At this point in time, you can no longer deny the summer heat. The month of July is the time of the season where the temperature accelerates to its maximum. Aside from taking care of the insulation inside your home and worrying about the possibility of horrifying bills, we guess it is also time to pay attention to your lawn that’s prematurely changing its color even if autumn is still months away. Take it as a sign. July is the time of the year that you must care best for your lawn. After all, it is an essential extension of your home and the lushness of it or the lack of such would definitely affect your house’s over-all appearance.

Do Not Fertilize

It is a major no-no to fertilize your lawn during the summer season. Although the cause is great, the effect might not be that friendly to the grasses subsisting in your yard. The application of fertilizers during a hot season burns the lawn instead of making it lush.

Mow Grasses

Mowing the grasses in your yard seems to be an easy task especially with the assistance of an electric lawn mower; however, it must be done properly. You can have your grasses up to 2 to 2.5 inches all-year round, but you need to elevate the height during summer for at least an additional one inch. Having the advised length of grasses allows them to stay in good condition as grasses with such height are more receptive to heat.

Irrigate Your Lawn

More than ever, you need to water your lawn. Normally, lawns need one inch of water per week, most especially during hotter seasons. The frequency varies depending on the amount of heat that directly hit the area, and soil drainage. As long as it receives enough amount weekly, then your lawn can mostly survive the summer heat. Also, it is advisable to water the grasses in the morning to avoid fungal lawn diseases.

Treat Lawn Diseases

Speaking of diseases, the application of fungicide may be the best thing to do to prevent your lawn from having fungal diseases. Doing it once a month would basically counter the coming of unwanted pests and infections in your grasses.

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