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What Vinyl Siding Color Should You Pick?

Homeowners benefit from vinyl siding not only for its exterior decoration purposes, but for weatherproofing as well. Having such installations greatly made changes in the way home electricity bills accelerate. But aside from the positive impact it projects to a family’s utility bills, its exterior benefits equally matter. The totality of your house is mostly composed of blank walls, and without vinyl siding, they remain bland and plain. Basically, vinyl siding gives your house the dimension it needs. Nonetheless, it makes your house’s curb appeal even better.

Vinyl-Lite Vinyl Siding

Many people think of vinyl siding very trivially, thinking that it isn’t essential. The truth, however, is that it is an important aspect in your home because it covers majority of the place you call shelter. Mostly, how people look at your home is dependable on the curb appeal. Your house’s vinyl siding definitely has a big role to play. “Any color would do,” you might say. No! That shouldn’t be the case. Color selection isn’t just a small detail you can ignore if you want to. It plays a huge part in the beautification of your home’s curb appeal. But with the presence of many available options for color and shade, you are more likely prone to getting confused. That’s what this article is here for. Now, what vinyl siding color should you pick?


Harmonize the colors. You can’t just pick the shade of your favorite color for your vinyl siding. Lucky you if your favorite shade can match the other present features in your house. The key here is harmony. Look at the project in a wider perspective to achieve that desired coordination. Will the color look good with the shade of the roofing? Will it match the style and design of your house? Can it adapt to the neighborhood you are in? Think about it.


Colors have the power to make illusions. Let’s say you already have a color in mind for your vinyl siding after doing the precedent suggestion. The question that you should face next is about the shade. Will you get a lighter shade or a darker one? Why this small detail matters is because of its capacity to create wondrous illusions. A brighter tone can make your house look bigger, while a darker one can make it look the opposite. So, it all depends on your goal.

Moreover – for homeowners whose houses have two or more storeys – it is advisable that the vinyl siding on the ground floor should be one or two tones darker than the vinyl siding on the next floor above it.


Picking a color that can only suit one season is impractical. You don’t really want to change your house’s vinyl siding every three months, do you? Select a color that can withstand seasonal changes. Consider your vinyl siding your exterior canvass in home decorating. Certainly, you have other plans for your lawn or patio aside from siding installation. A color that can adapt to future changes would be a great pick.

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