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Welcome your guest to a Stunning Front door!

Your entrance door is the first thing people see when they come to your home, which means it is the first statement you make about your personal style. When you change the design of your front door, you change the look of the entire house! 

Vinyl Lite understands how important making that statement truly is. If you are ready to revamp your entrance to reflect who you are, you will definitely want to know what your options are. Read on to learn more.

Picking the base

Vinyl Lite’s Fiber-Glass Collection offers the look of real wood with an internal door system, which ensures security and weather protection. Choosing the right finish, such as mahogany or oak, is one of the first steps. As an example, for a craftsman or traditional style, you might want a darker stain. For a coastal or southwest style, choose a lighter stain. 

On the other hand, if you are looking for a door that is more contemporary, take a look at the available Pulse Collection—which features bold, colorful designs—or even steel door for a more industrial look.

Glass designs

You can get beautiful, handcrafted glass in many different designs for your entrance door. If you like the English look, pick a swirl leaf design. More contemporary? Look for something with an eye catching mix of curves and angles. If you are more traditional, then stick with an ordered, geometric look of squares and rectangles.

Light control and privacy

The texture of the glass is not only an aesthetic choice, but a way to control light and privacy. A lover of light will want to choose a smooth, clear glass with little texture. However, if you are searching for more shade and privacy, then add textures, such as with Granite glass or Rainglass. 

Desire even more control? Consider investing in internal blinds built into your glass panes. 


Keep it small and quaint with a single door and smaller panels. If you want a grander entrance, consider bigger paneling or even sidelights with glass panes.

No matter what your aesthetic, Vinyl Lite can help you fulfill your vision. With so many options, you will be able to create a gorgeous entrance door to your exact specifications—and wow your visitors as soon as they drive up to your home!

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