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What Curtains Suit Your Windows?

Our blogs contain mostly of topics that talk about house windows in terms of design, insulation, and efficiency.  This time, let’s proceed to a different path and talk about window treatment instead. House windows are just 1/64 of the totality of your own home. They do not necessarily come out as brilliant without the other parts of the package. A nicely designed window would not be put to good use without the proper installation of elements that would best enhance its features, thus, called window treatment.


Taking the location of windows into consideration before putting up the curtains would help you assess better what kinds of curtain designs would look great on a specific spot. Bathroom curtains cannot be used as living room curtains. Grandma’s bedroom curtains cannot be used for the baby’s bedroom. It’s all about pointing out the places in your home in which you need to execute window treatment and focusing on a suitable theme.


Lighting basically varies in all areas of the house. Some windows are positioned and faced to the East and West making them directly affected by sunrise and sunset. Cases like that would need drapes made of heavy materials, most especially for such windows found in bedrooms. Windows located at the North and South areas, on the other hand, would rather have sheer curtains that have capabilities of inviting light inside.

It is also good to know which parts of the room would need more light and which ones do not.


Combining the earlier listed criteria is the best way to decide what kind of textile should be used for the curtains.  For location, decide on which rooms require more privacy than the others. Naturally, this means that bedrooms and bathrooms would need curtains that are made of thicker and heavier materials. For lighting, those windows that are directly reached by sunlight would need thicker curtains to block away light. However it is unnecessary since it would still depend on the residents’ personal preference of lighting system.

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