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What No One Tells You About Custom Window Treatments


Summer season is on its way – now would be the best time to get involved in home remodeling or improvement projects. Putting up custom window treatments is the most convenient way to brighten up your home. By simply customizing your window design, you can instantly upgrade your interior design.

Custom window treatments may seem like an effortless task but in reality it is not. There are certain window treatment mistakes that need to be avoided. Keep in mind that a few of these mistakes may be difficult to prevent but doing so will lead to better results.

Here are the top 4 mistakes in custom window treatments:

Going For Less

At times, when you look around the mall or the Internet, you may be tempted to purchase what’s on sale or what’s the cheapest window treatments. Before doing so, you have to ask yourself, “Would these be appropriate for my windows?” or “Would these suit my home’s interior design?” Some tapestry or coverings might not have the accurate measurement of your window.

Picking The Wrong Hardware

Window hardware serves as a foundation for your window treatments. If not carefully chosen, you will come across problems with installing your window treatments. Wrong hardware will also damage your walls in the long run.

Doing Do-It-Yourself Projects

Although DIY’s are prevalent with the rise of the Internet, you can never replace the skills of a professional. Not all DIY projects are applicable to your window treatments, especially with custom window treatments. Pay a professional with less and enjoy the benefits or pay nothing but pay tons of money in the long run.


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Installing Improper Rods

If a rod is too small, tendency is, it will sag in the mid part. If a rod is too long, it will not allow your drapes to open and and close and would make it feel like the ceilings are short. Window treatment rod should match the window type, the size, the floor, and the rest of your interior design.

To avoid these mistakes, seek the help of Vinyl-Lite Window Factory. We will customize the right window treatments for you. We provide distinctive vinyl window service for more than 30 years and produce only the best custom window treatment you deserve.

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