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Window Boxes: Creative Ways to Accentuate Them in Winter


Celebrating winter doesn’t have to be all that dull and white. Through the help of window boxes, you can bring a little vibrancy to your home, eliminating a hint of paleness. Placed on the outer side of your windows, window boxes can do amazing things to your home to give it an impressive curb appeal that matches the season. You don’t have to leave them blank and empty during the remaining months of winter. You have lots of options below!

Go Merry!

Christmas wreaths, as commonly perceive, are not only for doors. Moreover, not only for the interiors. Holiday decorations, with fashion and style, might as well extend to the outside through the use of winter window boxes.


Using a stack of hay as a foundation, or another alternative, place in some hollies and evergreen branches for your temporary planter. You may also add artificial grapevines for effect. Make sure you match your exterior Christmas decoration to the interior for consistency. A wire-framed window box would suit best for this creative peg.

Go Green!

Add some green to your exterior by putting plants in your window boxes. Select those that are made to withstand the extreme cold. Some of these are pinecones, evergreens, winter berries and others.


It would also be nice if you can ask word-of-mouth recommendations from friends and family who are inclined to the art of gardening. Paint it green by growing more plants!

Go Healthy!

Who says edible plants can only grow indoors? Well, that applies to most plants, but there’s actually one that’s capable of enduring the cold and actually surviving one of the most critical seasons. Winter cabbage can thrive in the cold for a few months, germinating in temperatures as low as 40 degrees Fahrenheit. Grow some winter cabbages in your window boxes for your own consumption.


Carefully choose a cabbage variety that’s thicker, harder and have smaller heads. They have more chances of survival compared to softer varieties. Winter cabbages will likely turn your season a tastier one. Indulge your craving for cabbages and eat healthy.

Go Dramatic!

Leafless trees are a common sight in winter. But these become rather unique and creative if they are meticulously selected and displayed on window boxes with full-on artistry.


What to do? Gather a number of leafless branches – just enough to display on your window boxes. Paint them in silver and gold, or in the color combination of your choice. You may also prefer having unpainted sticks. These make-up for a dramatic holiday ambiance as you look outside your windows.

Winter window boxes should serve its purpose all-year round. It’s up to you how to make it alive and attractive.

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