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Simple Projects You Can Tackle This Winter

“Spring Cleaning” is often the starting bell to the home improvement season. Once the ice thaws and the sun comes out, we all feel the seasonal depression lift and suddenly there’s a desire to buckle down and get some big projects done.

But you know what feels even better? Tackling some home projects during the winter and getting to spend more of your summer relaxing, guilt-free. Surprisingly, there are many home projects perfectly suited to the wintertime, no matter how cold and snowy it gets. 

Most of these wintertime home improvement projects are cheap and can be done without professionals. Some may even help increase your energy efficiency, saving you money during these cold winter months. 

Whip out the paint

People still think of painting as a fair weather activity even though it’s completely doable in the winter. Don’t be shy about throwing on a new coat of something vibrant, and remember that lighter colors will make the room seem more open and inviting, even during the winter. 

Add insulation

Heating bill a bit higher than you were expecting? You may need more insulation. Head up into the attic for an afternoon and add some more. 

Adding insulation to your plumbing is another great home project that can save you a lot of time and headache later down the road. 

Update your door handles

Want to add some shine to reinvigorate your bathroom, kitchen or doors? Replacing door handles and cabinet handles is an inexpensive way to give you the thrill of redoing a room.

Regrout the bathroom

Not the most glamorous project, perhaps, but it’s best to do it now, while it’s cold. Nobody wants to be cooped up in the bathroom laying new grout while everyone else goes to a BBQ. 

Take advantage of savings

Many larger projects that you thought couldn’t be done in the winter (floor installations, new windows, etc.) are actually quite feasible. Not only that, but you’ll be in a position for some great deals if you start these projects during the colder times of the year. 

Most contractors do the bulk of their work during the summer, and a lot of them run large discounts in the winter to try and drum up business. It’s worth calling around this winter to see if any of your preferred contractors are willing to give you a deal on that project you’ve been wanting to start. 

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