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How To Winterize Your Windows

The ever-changing temperature affects house windows as seen by unwanted drafts especially during winter. Air during regular seasons may remain unseen, but they establish their presence upon the occurrences of temperature change. They create gusty marks on the surface of window panes that’s necessarily not good to look at. But more importantly, these breezy imprints tell us that cold air has its way of leaking into a home, causing impractical release of warm air from heaters. Your home needs to be winterized.

Homeowners, in order to minimize their expenditures spent on increasing electricity bills, need to take preventive methods to lessen the severity of the scenario. Here’s our say on the matter! Two things must be done to winterize a home.


Fall is the best time to schedule caulking the sides of your windows from the outside. By ensuring all leaks and openings are sealed and closed and by making definite that cold air has no means of entering the interior, you also ensure yourself paying regular amount of electricity bills.

To make this method work, you need to clean the outer surface of sidings and window panes before applying a new layer of caulking paste. Remove old molds of caulking solutions used in the past years. Eliminate dusts and rusts. Adherence of the main material to the above-mentioned surfaces needs to be prioritized to achieve having a winterized home!


For the interior, on the other hand, homeowners are mostly encouraged to use weather strips. Also a form of sealing, the installation of weather strips done through weatherstripping protects a home’s interior from rain or water to enter. Made of rubber and plastic, weather strips winterize your doors and windows by blocking and rerouting incoming liquid. Also, these strips allow interior air to stay in place, not permitting warm water to escape.

Weather strips can be installed on windows and doors. It is applied in the interior, making sure that both the exterior and interior aspects are well-protected.

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