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Different Door Types To Suit Your Home


Why do you think there are different types of doors? Aesthetics wouldn’t be enough reason for the variations. What’s more acceptable, however, is the functionality of each type to compliment to the needs of door positioning. Why do you think doors are distributed in all parts of the house? The answer is that they serve special purposes that only one or two types can accommodate. As a homeowner, it is your job to match a door’s function to the needs of the area where it will be installed.

Entrance Doors

An entrance door is an opening from the exterior that leads to the interior of the house. It is mostly installed to serve as the main entrance and exit of a particular home. More often than not, homeowners invest high-quality security for the entrance since it is the most used, thus, the one that easily wears out.

Aside from the security system, homeowners also invest in doubling its protection through the installation of a storm door. A storm door mainly serves as an exterior shield of the entrance door from direct exposure to heat and humidity. In a way or another, it becomes the defense of the main door from unpredictable weather changes. Also, its ventilation purposes allow energy conservation.

French/Garden Doors

A patio sounds like a social place where families usually gather and friends often reunite. It may appear detached from the main attraction, but it still is part of a house’s totality. As they say, a patio is a house extension many people love to spend their time at. And so to lessen the intensity of the detachment, French/garden doors are used as transparent divisions from the main house to the extension. Besides, artsy patio designs are for the eyes to feast on. The crystal clear glasses of French/garden doors will make things easier for us.

Sliding Glass Doors

A sliding door is the most versatile of all types of doors because its functions are not that limited compared to the others. It is often used in the interior, but it can be used as an exterior passageway for entrance and exit as well – it can be used as an alternative to French/garden doors, for example. It may also be used at home or in commercial establishments, and even in the workplace. See? The long list just goes on and on and on.

To say the least, door types have roles to observe. However, the above-mentioned considerations shouldn’t be followed very strictly. They are only there to serve as guides. To remind you, creativity has no limits. If your artistic instinct can justify the unconventional use of one door type, you are still on the right track. It is only a matter of thinking out-of-the box.

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