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Home Improvement Gift Suggestions for Mothers


If your haven’t come up with a brilliant idea for your mom yet for Mother’s Day, keep calm and know that you are not the only person dealing with this problem. Everyone is now experiencing that slight anxiety for not knowing what actually pleases moms as their big day awaits.

You are now practically thinking of giving your mom a body spa GC or a make-over package from her favorite salon. Yes, those ideas could work, but if you’re still a little hesitant, you can go safe by hitting her weakness – home improvement.

Re-coloring of interior

Sweep her off her feet with an outdoor or indoor repainting opportunity – your treat of course. See your mom giggle again like teenagers do. When it comes to home improvement projects, moms would love to take the lead. Instead of surprising her with a newly painted living room or house façade, let her pick the colors. It may take a lot of work for her, but it’s the whole home improvement process that makes the idea a lot more enjoyable. Give her this moment!

Window treatment packages

This next suggestion is more on interior design – still home improvement related though. Take your mom to a world of fancy draperies and blinds and let her maternal instincts, combined with artistic instincts, do the talking in transforming the look of the room you are targeting to revamp. Giving windows a different touch will do a lot of changes in a room. You can shop together and discuss about your preferences in curtains, shutters, shades, etc. Take each other’s suggestions into consideration and bond once again just like in the good ole days.

Repair labor coupons

Any cabinets, doors, windows and gutters in the house that need repair? Your mom surely can’t handle fixing all of them. It doesn’t really matter whether she is supermom or not. What matters is she needs to take a break on Mother’s Day, to just sit back and relax and worry less about home improvement hassles. You ought to give her that.

Bouquet of flowers

But of course, aside from anything related to home improvement, nothing beats the proven and tested, classic gesture of love and appreciation – a bouquet of flowers. That accompanied with a simple dinner. Nothing beats quality time of catching up and meaningful conversations at your favorite restaurant.

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