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Replacing Windows This Winter – Don’t Fear the Unknown!

Having quality windows is essential to keeping your home insulated during the winter months. Top notch windows save you money on your heating bill and make managing your home’s temperature a much easier task. But what if you’re a little late on getting those new windows? 

Look, it happens. Getting window replacements was something you meant to do in the spring, the summer or even the fall but you just didn’t get around to it. Maybe you were too busy, or maybe another expense came up. The bottom line is, it’s mid-December and you’re dreading the thought of going through with such a big project at this time of year. You’re certain that removing and replacing your windows now of all times is going to be a huge hassle and probably freeze out your home. 

Think again. 

Winter is the most underappreciated time of year for home construction projects, including window replacements. 

Winter window replacement is a great way to get deals

Most people think like the hypothetical reader at the beginning of this article. They’re convinced that getting replacement windows in the winter will be a disaster, and so they postpone the project. This leads to lulls in the schedules of most contractors. So for you savvy shoppers out there, the wintertime is one of the best opportunities to go searching for deals.

You may also find that scheduling a window replacement is easier in the winter months. After all, there are fewer homeowners competing for the best installation times. 

Winter window replacement doesn’t have to freeze you out

If you’re worried that replacing windows in the colder months will keep you bundled up in coats all day long, then worry no longer. Contractors have ways of working around this inconvenience. There are several methods companies employ to ensure that a home stays heated during new window installation.

  • Closing inside doors
  • Using floor to ceiling barriers
  • Replacing one window at a time

Employing these techniques will ensure that your house doesn’t turn into a winter wonderland while the window project is in motion. 

Start reaping the benefits of new windows right away

You don’t have to wait through the whole frigid winter before getting new windows. The time to cut down on drafts and start saving on your heating bill is now. Wintertime window replacements can be a perfect storm of cheaper prices, immediate home benefits and simple scheduling. 

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