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How Can Your Basement Windows Save Your Life During Fire?

Do you know that there’s relevance in installing the right basement windows to the likelihood of you being saved in times of fire incidents? Admittedly, accidents do happen when we least expect them, and fire incidents are on top of the list. We can only do so much hoping for this not to happen in … Continued

Top 4 Lies of Window Salesmen You Need to Ignore

The window industry is as chaotic as any industry there is. With tough competitions going about in the market, window salesmen strategize to their hearts’ content in persuading their customers to say yes to their offers. No one’s to blame. Unmatched efforts to gather more sales amidst a tough clash of marketing skills would only … Continued

Your Windows Need To Be Replaced If…

Window companies have always done smooth talks to convince target clients about having their windows replaced. Aside from reaching a marketing quota, companies do it because such change is a necessity homeowners often overlook. Eventually, through time, windows and other facilities found at home needs to be replaced for the betterment of your own residence. … Continued

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