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DIY: The Art of Making Greenhouses

If you have finally decided on replacing your old inefficient windows with energy-saving vinyl windows, then you’ve made the right decision! Just in time for the summer season, you eliminate worries about the increasing value of your electricity bills and the inevitable high-rising temperature! Problems solved. Headache-causing household baggage need not put a lot of weight on your shoulders. You are ready for a vacation!

However, for those who haven’t made the move yet to replace old windows and doors, listen! Perhaps you are in terrible dilemma right now. You are perplexed on what you are going to do with your old doors and windows that will soon be uninstalled. Another problem solved!

Their fate is dependent on two places: in the garbage or in the backyard.


Unleash your creativity and resourcefulness for this very interesting DIY project. Throwing away old doors and windows, with only minimum scratches and damage, is such a waste. Think out-of-the-box and get started on building your own greenhouse.

1. Find the potential of your old windows and doors. From there, you can decide on which ones to use on which parts of your greenhouse – walls, roofs, etc. Particularly focus on their shapes. Put frames together that complement each other. It’s almost like putting together pieces of a jigsaw puzzle. A little bit challenging, but definitely fun to do!

2. If you are creative enough and you have resources to make customized designs for your greenhouse, do it! Requiring yourself to come up with intricate designs from your replaced windows and doors will not only occupy your free time, but it will also awaken the sleeping artist in you! You are free to play with the old windows as long as your imagination and execution allow it. The closer the greenhouse design is to your personality, the better.

3. Reusing glasses, frames and steel bars from your old windows and doors will save you material costs for building a greenhouse. Also, in the long run, you will reap something good out of it by getting flowers and crops all throughout the year.

Summer might be a little off when it comes to planting, because it is often associated with getting a tan and going to the beach, but you don’t do those things throughout the whole season, right? With regards to the temperature, there are plants suitable for the warmer season. August would be the perfect time to start doing your gardening projects. Whether you plan on planting tulips, roses, carrots or berries, the choice is yours! It’s your greenhouse, after all.

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